Wednesday, 24 August 2011

~practicum stori~ ;)

yehewww!!~~ hi there.. long time not c..almost a month din't share anything.. hohoho.. ~~ my stdy almost done bebe.. hihi.. (mode happy) just 1 2 share a few pic during my practicum time.. ~ enjoy.. ~ hehehe..
my bowling time.. ~~
yahhh...!! ~~ hehe.. strike ke??
ma frenza.. hihi..cik nisa.. 
~~sport time~~ go..jinga goo.. ~~ werrkkk kuning n hijau :P
~ hepi besday 2 me 2x eh?? me?? hehe.. 2 u la.. ~
bestie time wif k. anita . k. ani.. :P
~ my UKM student ! ~ fathimah.. stopp!!( daily words..) haha.. ~
~ my autism student.. tharakesh.. ( errrrrrrr....) ~
~ tadaaaa... my token system ~ (siapa x dpt jwb tolak bintang.. 'jgn cigu, jgn cgu..xnak tolak bintang')
hahaha.. tau takut..
 ~ my teacher's day gift.. hee.a few.. but intrsting..~
~ our pro sifu.. all in blue.. hihi.. thanks a lot 2 u all.. God Bless all of us.. ;) ~

~ simple kenang-kenangan from us.. :) "jauh di mata dekat di hati.." gonna miss u all guys.. ~
~ wif mdm. principle..~
~thanks a lot kak umi.. will keep ur precious advised..feel lke 1 2 cry.. but i keep the tears deep inside my heart :) ~
gonna miss all my lovely student.. now, when teacher publish this post also feel missing u ols hardly.. 
lastly.. love ols my special needs students.. may God always bless u ols n smile always ya.. ;)

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